Defective Products

At Scott Link Law, we believe that it is the responsibility of every product manufacturer to ensure that every step of their production process goes as it should so that the products they make available to consumers are safe to use. While the vast majority of products we use function normally and without incident, there are many instances in which the negligence of a manufacturer can cause a product to cause harm or illness to the consumer.

At Scott Link Law, our legal team has the unique benefit of having and former judge on staff, and with Judge Link’s experience, victims of defective products can rest assured knowing their case is in experienced, knowledgeable hands. To learn more about what our team can do for you if you’ve suffered from a product manufacturer’s irresponsibility, take action and call our attorneys today at 713-225-1118.

Types of Product Liability
Any product which is manufactured, assembled, or designed in a manner that causes it to function in a way other than intended may cause accidents and serious harm to befall a consumer. At Scott Link Law, we are experienced with a wide variety of product liability cases, and we are prepared to go to work for you on cases involving:

Toxic Food Products and Containers
Dangerous Childcare Products and Toys
Defective Vehicles
Manufacturing Defects
Design Defects
The results of an accident or injury involving the above can be traumatic and devastating for the victim, involving serious medical concerns, excessive medical expenses, and long-lasting trauma. Fortunately, victims may be able to pursue compensation for their resulting losses.


Regardless of the Defective Product in question, the “Medical Bills” for treating resulting Injuries may also reach HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of DOLLARS. This may include long and repeated hospitalizations to stabilize the Client, multiple surgeries, prolonged physical and occupational therapy, rehabilitation and expensive medicines. The client may be faced with huge Medical Bills, but without any way to pay them.


Depending on what type of work the Client performed before suffering from a Dangerous Product injury, the loss of past and future wages may add up to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, or even MILLIONS of DOLLARS. This is known as ”Past and Future Lost Wages.” The more the Client earned, the more the Past and Future Lost Wages may add up to be. Even if the Client did not earn high wages before being injured by a Defective Product, the Lost Future Wages may be substantial when the Client is very young.


Defective Products will often cause Physical Disfigurement, which is sometimes very SEVERE. The Disfigurement may be horrible scars from burns, surgery, or tissue loss (the loss of skin, muscle, or bone). It may also be distorted facial features from facial trauma or badly misaligned arms or legs from crushed bones. The law allows for the recovery of Money Damages for Physical Disfigurement, which may be substantial when a Defective Product Injury has occurred.


Defective Products may produce incredible Pain & Suffering to the Client. This may be from injuries themselves, or the surgery(s) necessary to treat the injuries, as well as the Physical Therapy the Client must undergo following the Medical Treatment. The law allows the Client to recover Money Damages for PAIN & SUFFERING, which may be very significant when a Client has suffered a Defective Product Injury.


You may also be entitled to recover monetary damages for Mental Anguish associated with your injuries and traumatic experience.

Mental Anguish is much more than common worries about everyday life–it is the overwhelming concern about how to pay for huge medical bills, whether there will be a full recovery from devastating injuries, or whether you will ever be able to return to work.

When connected with a physical injury, mental anguish includes both the resultant mental sensation of pain and also the accompanying feelings of extreme distress, fright, and anxiety. As an element of damages implies a relatively high degree of mental pain and distress; it is more than mere disappointment, anger, worry, resentment, or embarrassment, although it may include all of these, and it includes mental sensations of pain resulting from such painful emotions as grief, severe disappointment, indignation, wounded pride, shame, despair, and/or public humiliation.

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