Offshore Accidents

Offshore accidents are often catastrophic for a number of reasons. Because they occur far from land, it is often difficult to get victims the medical treatment they need as quickly as necessary, and the potential for drowning can further endanger those involved in these types of accidents. However, if offshore accidents result from the negligent or irresponsible behaviors of others, the victims may be entitled to pursue financial compensation for their injuries.

If you or someone you know has been hurt in an offshore accident caused by someone else, swift and effective legal action is called for in order to protect your rights and those of your family. Led by the impressive judicial history of Judge Link, Scott Link Law is uniquely suited to represent your case as you seek the full and fair compensation you need. To learn more about how you can take action to protect your rights, call today at 713-225-1118.

Common Causes of Offshore Accidents

Offshore accidents, including those on oil or gas drilling rigs, often result from negligent management, unsafe equipment, or the lack of proper safety protocols. Some of the most common causes of these potentially devastating incidents include:

Equipment malfunction
Falling objects
Slips and falls
Vessel collision

In most situations, these accidents can be avoided if those involved in offshore rigs act responsibly and follow proper safety precautions.

Compensation for Offshore Accident Injuries
In offshore accidents caused by the irresponsible behavior of others, victims may be entitled to seek compensation for damages.


Regardless of what caused the Offshore Accident, the “Medical Bills” for treating resulting Injuries may also reach HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of DOLLARS. This may include long and repeated hospitalizations to stabilize the Client, multiple surgeries, prolonged physical and occupational therapy, rehabilitation and expensive medicines. The client may be faced with huge Medical Bills, but without any way to pay them.


Depending on what type of work the Client performed before suffering in an Offshore Accident, the loss of past and future wages may add up to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, or even MILLIONS of DOLLARS. This is known as ”Past and Future Lost Wages.” The more the Client earned, the more the Past and Future Lost Wages may add up to be. Even if the Client did not earn high wages before the Offshore Accident, the Lost Future Wages may be substantial when the Client is very young.


Offshore Accidents will often result in Physical Disfigurement, which is sometimes very SEVERE. The Disfigurement may be horrible scars from burns, surgery, or tissue loss (the loss of skin, muscle, or bone). It may also be distorted facial features from facial trauma or badly misaligned arms or legs from crushed bones. The law allows for the recovery of Money Damages for Physical Disfigurement, which may be substantial when an Offshore Accident has occurred.


Offshore Accidents may produce incredible Pain & Suffering to the Client. This may be from injuries themselves, or the surgery(s) necessary to treat the injuries, as well as the Physical Therapy the Client must undergo following the Medical Treatment. The law allows the Client to recover Money Damages for PAIN & SUFFERING, which may be very significant when a Client has suffered in an Offshore Accident.


You may also be entitled to recover monetary damages for Mental Anguish associated with your injuries and traumatic experience.

Mental Anguish is much more than common worries about everyday life–it is the overwhelming concern about how to pay for huge medical bills, whether there will be a full recovery from devastating injuries, or whether you will ever be able to return to work.

When connected with a physical injury, mental anguish includes both the resultant mental sensation of pain and also the accompanying feelings of extreme distress, fright, and anxiety. As an element of damages implies a relatively high degree of mental pain and distress; it is more than mere disappointment, anger, worry, resentment, or embarrassment, although it may include all of these, and it includes mental sensations of pain resulting from such painful emotions as grief, severe disappointment, indignation, wounded pride, shame, despair, and/or public humiliation.

These and other consequences of an offshore injury should not be the injury victim’s responsibility to handle alone, as the party at fault for the incident may be obligated to cover these costs.

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