Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents (18 Wheelers)

Commercial Trucking Accidents are responsible for 12% of all traffic related deaths each year. (That is almost 4,000 FATALITIES every year since 2005.) Although the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration restricts the number of hours truck drivers may operate a commercial vehicle to 11 hours of actual driving time during a 14 hour period, driver’s often become fatigued because they do not comply with this Federal Statute.

Driver Fatigue and rushing to complete a run with in a time limit (i.e. SPEEDING) are two of many reasons for trucking accidents. Others include the Failure to Properly maintain the Truck and Tractor Trailer Equipment as required by Federal Safety Standards and the failure to Maintain Safe Control of the Truck on a Highway. Because Trucks are much Bigger than Passenger Cars, when Trucks are in an Accident, the Property Damage and Injuries they cause may be Severe, or even FATAL. Citations, or Tickets, may be issued, suggesting the investigating officer found that the Truck Driver was at fault.

Trucking accidents are caused because of negligence from one or more of the following persons or companies:

1) the truck driver;

2) the trucking company or

3) the manufacturer of the truck and its component parts.

Because of the many variables of the cause of accident, it is important that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident, so a thorough and extensive investigation can be conducted by an expert on trucking regulations and procedures. You can be assured that the trucking company will have its investigators and attorneys at the accident scene within hours. Therefore, it is imperative you contact an attorney to act on your behalf as soon as possible.

Even after the accident, your attorney can obtain a copy of the driver’s log book, the truck maintenance records, and the trucks electronic on board records, which are similar to the black box on a passenger jet.

In 2008, 4,229 people were killed in accidents involving large trucks, and an additional 113,000 people suffered injuries. Compared to a collision between two cars, a crash involving a large truck and a car is much more likely to result in a fatality because of the difference in weight of the two vehicles. The overwhelming majority of those killed and injured each year in truck crashes are occupants of other vehicles.

To address concerns account insufficient inspections and to reduce fatal crashed involving large trucks, federal regulators are introducing Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010. A national program, CSA 2010 is designed to enhance oversight of the trucking industry and provide investigators tools to identify unsafe truck drivers. Studies have shown that unsafe driver behaviors include, driver fatigue, speeding, diving while disqualified, and hours-of-service violations, are major contributors to large truck crashes. These crashes can lead to serious injuries including, head injuries, burn injuries and permanent disabilities for occupants of other vehicles.

CAS 2010 is expected to increase identification of unsafe drivers. There are approximately 7 million licensed commercial drivers, Trucking companies will be assigned safety ratings based on the performance of their drivers, maintenance programs and safety violations weighted by crash risk. Individual drivers who operate independently as a motor carrier will be rated as a motor carrier after an on-site inspection of their business. Predictions are that ten times as many commercial motor carriers will be assigned a safety rating as a result of CSA 2010. When the compliance rating information is available, it can be used to show negligence on the part of a driver or trucking company that caused a serious crash.

Without the help of an attorney, you will have great difficulty obtaining this information. If you have been injured or lost a loved on in a truck accident, you have a right to seek full compensation for your loss. Please call Judge Link so our experienced attorneys can provide you with a free consultation to discuss your case. Remember, the trucking company has to be made to fully compensate you!

The injuries caused by Truck Accidents may vary from “none” to extremely serious, and even DEATH. When injuries do occur, you should be aware of how those injuries are evaluated and what they might mean if a lawsuit was filed on your behalf. Whether there are broken bones or abdominal organ injuries, Judge Link will fully understand their significance and future prognosis.

Injuries which are caused by a TRUCK ACCIDENT may be extremely serious, or even FATAL! and may result in money damages which add up to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, or even MILLIONS of DOLLARS!


When a Truck Accident causes Serious Injuries, the “Medical Bills” for treating those Injuries may reach HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of DOLLARS. This may include long and repeated hospitalizations to stabilize the victim, multiple surgeries, prolonged physical and occupational therapy, and expensive medications. The client may be faced with huge Medical Bills, but without any way to pay them.


Depending on what type of work the Client performed prior to the Truck Accident, the loss of past and future wages may add up to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, or even MILLIONS of DOLLARS. This is known as ”Past and Future Lost Wages.” The more the Client earned, the more the Past and Future Lost Wages may add up to be. Even if the Client did not earn high wages before the Truck Accident, the Lost Future Wages may be substantial when the Seriously Injured Client is very young.


Some Injuries caused by Truck Accidents result in Physical Disfigurement. This means that there may be visible scars, crooked bones, or other visible evidence of a Serious Injury, despite excellent medical treatment. The law allows for the recovery of Money Damages for Physical Disfigurement.


Injuries caused by a Truck Accident may produce incredible Pain & Suffering to the Client. This may be from the initial injury caused by the accident, the surgery(s) necessary to treat those Serious Injuries, as well as the Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation the Client must undergo following medical treatment of the injuries. The law allows the Client to recovery Money Damages for PAIN & SUFFERING, which may be very significant.


You may also be entitled to recover monetary damages for Mental Anguish associated with your injuries and traumatic experience.

Mental Anguish is much more than common worries about everyday life–it is the overwhelming concern about how to pay for huge medical bills, whether there will be a full recovery from devastating injuries, or whether you will ever be able to return to work.

When connected with a physical injury, mental anguish includes both the resultant mental sensation of pain and also the accompanying feelings of extreme distress, fright, and anxiety. As an element of damages implies a relatively high degree of mental pain and distress; it is more than mere disappointment, anger, worry, resentment, or embarrassment, although it may include all of these, and it includes mental sensations of pain resulting from such painful emotions as grief, severe disappointment, indignation, wounded pride, shame, despair, and/or public humiliation.

Injuries caused by a Truck Accident may result in life altering consequences. The potential of your case depends on many facts which Judge Link will thoroughly review to determine that potential.

When someone else is responsible, Judge Link vigorously represent victims who have suffered Serious Injuries following a Truck Accident. If You, or a Loved One has suffered a Serious Truck Accident Injury, you probably have many questions about how you can be compensated for your injuries, so call SCOTT LINK LAW right now, @ 713-225-1118, or click here to submit a free and confidential evaluation form.